We're not a marketplace,
we're not the better version of a gallery,
we're something new offering a different experience.

We're not a marketplace,
we're not the better version of a gallery, we're something new offering a different experience.


Welcome to OSG, the place you have been searching for a long time.
Onstream Gallery is the digital space where the curatorial and commercial aspects meets, to create an innovating cultural ecosystem.

Within Onstream Gallery you can see artworks as if you are visiting a museum, buy them as in a store, rent them as if you always want something different.

Our Art is accessible and affordable to everyone. In this digital space Art has no need to be understood nor judged, but simply experienced.

The Art Market todays, it is restricted to a close number of people: The Art World Elite.

As Chiara and Eleonora navigated an inhospitable artistic landscape, they became increasingly aware of the inherent restrictions in the art world. Onstream Gallery is their response to such elitism.
Our mission is simple: making art mainstream. We want to make art relevant to contemporary audiences by creating a cultural model where everyone feels welcome.

Because every artist deserves to make a living from its art, and every person deserves to experience art. <br>The reason? Simple. Purchasing a work of art is an act of self-love. And we all deserve to be loved. Don’t we?

We believe in


Chiara gesualdo_bio

Chiara Gesualdo

Chiara is Art Historian and Curator.

After her Master in Museums, Galleries and Contemporary Culture, she worked in different galleries in UK before deciding to pursue a career as a digital entrepreneur in the on line art market.


Eleonora Rebiscini

Eleonora is Art Historian and Digital Marketer.

After diffrent Master in Economics of Arts and Culture and several work experiences in the art sector, she jumped into Digital Marketing: from Copywriting to Social Media, she believes in pushing the boundaries of the Art Market.


We believe in


With Onstream Gallery, you can see exhibitions and buy artworks at the same time. Every work is carefully selected by our curators team.

Mainstream Art

We believe in Mainstream Culture. We want to create a cultural model which is open and accessible to everyone.


Artworks on Onstream Gallery will always have public and visible prices. We want to make prices available without forcing anyone to ask.